TU-K Admits 4135 New Students
The Technical University of Kenya has admitted 4135 new students for the 2021/2022 Academic Year. Starting September 27 through October 1, the University staged an intensive virtual orientation exercise for the Freshers aired live on TU-K’s website and social media platforms where students can still watch, even now, in case they missed any session. The orientation exercise offered a platform for the new students to get a better understanding of all that TU-K has to offer. The sessions also introduced the first year students to the three faculties i.e. Faculty of Engineering and... Full story on TU-K Admits 4135 New Students
East African School on Density Functional Theory and Applications using the SIESTA code
11th – 15th October 2021- Technical University of Kenya , School of Physics and Earth Sciences, Nairobi, Kenya - The school aims at introducing ab initio calculations and molecular dynamics simulation to researchers and postgraduate students of different disciplines, using the SIESTA code. Electronic structure codes have become mature enough to be used by scientists not trained in the development of the methods themselves. This is a shift away from traditional practice, in which the know-how and the right to use the code was acquired through a long internship. Nowadays, most codes are... Full story on East African School on Density Functional Theory and Applications using the SIESTA code
SATUK Gets New Leadership
The Technical University of Kenya Student union SATUK has new leadership for the year 2021/2022. Mani Peter Mwangangi was elected the Chair, and Birech Raechel Cheptoo as his Deputy. Harrison Boniface Muema was elected Secretary General, Kirera Denis Muchoki Finance Secretary, Oundo Barasa Fredrick Academic Secretary, Kimani Mercy Wairimu Gender and Social Welfare Secretary. Nyariki Yuvenalis Ogeto was elected Sports, Entertainment and Culture Secretary, Meshack Ndanyi Men’s Hostel Representatives, Jelagat Betty was elected Women’s Hostel Representatives. Shampi Anna Ngendo Gakuna was elected... Full story on SATUK Gets New Leadership
Intake 2021 - Orientation Information
The Technical University of Kenya wishes to take this early opportunity to congratulate and welcome all the students who have been selected for the various programmes at the premier university, the Technical University of Kenya.  In order to give each one of you time to settle down and adjust to the (new) life with ease, the university has dedicated one week of orientation into the various aspects that would form part of your lifestyle for the period of stay at the university. The orientation of new students joining the University is done in order to, inter alia:- Acquaint the... Full story on Intake 2021 - Orientation Information

TU-K Road Safety