Sports and Recreation in TU-K


  1. TUK Inter schools sports day championships (internal)
  2. Inter Universities and Colleges Leagues and tournaments (UCL);
  3. Kenya Universities Sports Association (KUSA) Championships;
  4. East African Universities Federation Sports Championships (EASUF)
  5. Federation of African Universities Sports Championships (FASU)
  6. International Federation of Universities Sports (FISU)
  7. National Sports Federations leagues and championships e.g FKF, KRU, KHU, KHF, CHESS KENYA, KVF, KSF, KNA, KKF, among others.

Our Vision

  • To be a top rated University of Technology in Sports, Games and Recreation by imprinting skills, knowledge and attitudes to the youth.


  • To provide quality Sports and Recreation activities and training by moulding the youth into a pool of disciplined and organized manpower to support national development programs through training and participation in socio economic activities.


  • A Healthy mind in a Healthy body for the real world

The Outdoor teams include: Soccer, Rugby, Hockey, Handball, Volleyball, Netball, Basketball, Athletics, Roll Ball, Roller Skating, Swimming, Lawn Tennis, Softball, Squash, Rounders and Cricket.

Indoor games include: Badminton, Table Tennis, Chess, Scrabble, Darts, Draughts, Aerobics, Pool table,Cards,

Martial Arts include: Karate, Taek-wondo, Judo, Tong il Mondo