Rev. Chalton Ochola

Rev. Chalton Ochola

Welcome to the Protestant Chaplaincy at the Technical University of Kenya. The Chaplaincy caters for both Students and Staff and their immediate family members. The Chaplaincy provides the following critical services

;Counseling services: We offer counseling services ranging from broad spectrum of life including:

  • Interpersonal counseling dealing with individual and group relationships,
  • Deviant behavior among the youth,
  • Addiction problems both for students and staff,
  • Premarital and marital issues among the youths,
  • Stress and depression how to manage and cope,
  • Suicidal tendencies among teenagers,
  • Unwanted pregnancies and rape cases,
  • Family issues affecting learning and studies,
  • Loss and bereavement; Helping students and staff how to cope before and after funerals.
  • Spiritual services including prayers and worship
    We have daily devotional services at the Lecture Theatre in the morning and at the Main Hall at lunch hour. Everyone is welcomed to these services for spiritual reflection and nourishment. People are also encouraged to come for individual prayers and encouragement. There is also monthly Holy Communion Service for all communicants from all the protestant faiths and Churches. Worship is done both at group and individual levels. These services are conducted by various groups which include the Students' Christian Union, Seventh Day Adventists, and the Radicals for Christ. All these groups are assigned individual patrons who work very closely with the Protestant Chaplain in coordination and management of groups' activities.
  • Outreach and Missions
    Outreach and missions both within and without the campus from all the protestant groups are encouraged and are being promoted. Students are encouraged to carry out active evangelism and Christian witness in and out of college. These are coordinated both by respective group officials in liaison with their respective patrons. Some of the outreach and missions take place during holidays and weekends. All are encouraged to participate.
  • Devotional Books
    Spiritual and devotional books are available at the Christian Union Library for short term borrowing. These books cover various topical and practical issues in life. All are welcome to come and borrow copies of these publications.
  • Bible Studies
    Bible Studies are conducted by various groups in their particular tradition. These are meant for spiritual growth and personal devotions. All are encouraged to attend.
  • Contact

For all your questions, problems and booking appointment please contact
The Rev. Chalton Ochola
Cell: 0721 236 826
Main Administration Block: 4th Floor.