VC tips ‘Wings to Fly’ students on career prospects

VC tips ‘Wings to Fly’ students on career prospects

Prof. Francis Aduol has challenged students to identify and mold career paths at early stages in their schooling.

In an academic address to Equity Bank’s “Wings to Fly” recipients, at Pangani Girls High School, Nairobi, the VC students, particularly those preparing to join colleges and universities, to seek information in areas they are interested in pursuing careers.

Prof. Aduol who also chairs the Committee of Vice Chancellors of Public Universities in Kenya, emphasised four areas young learners need to properly understand before settling on a discipline. They include: passion for a career, job market opportunities, remuneration and personal capability.

“While you prepare to join university to make a career, you need to ask yourself these four questions: Do you love what you want to study? Is there need for what you intend to pursue? Can it pay your bills? Do you think you are good at it?”

Prof. Aduol was speaking to over 2, 000 Form Four students supported through Equity Bank Group’s Foundation (EGF) during the one-week 9th Annual Education and Leadership Congress at Pangani Girls in Nairobi.

Under a programme dubbed ‘Wings to Fly’, Equity Bank seeks to grant over 10,000 comprehensive secondary school scholarships and leadership training to academically gifted yet economically and socially disadvantaged young Kenyans.

According to Mr. Obadiah Vundi of Equity Bank­­, the students are drawn from all counties across the country.

“If you want to be a neurosurgeon, plan to visit a practising neurosurgeon to have a firsthand feel, in this way, you will appreciate in depth what you want to do with yourself,” Prof. Aduol told the students indicating that professionals in any field will be generous with young people hungry for mentorship.

He at the same time responded to several questions from students ranging from career choices, job market opportunities and prospects locally and internationally.

Prof. Aduol praised quality of education at the higher learning institutions in Kenya. “You note for instance, TU-K is the only university offering Aeronautical Engineering after another in South Africa adding that Kenya Airways, one of TU-K’s key partners is happy with the quality of our graduates we send to them.

The VC also tipped the students on leadership facets including areas they need to strengthen as young leaders.

“You don’t necessarily need to be at the top to be a leader, you become a leader by what you do, the people elect you because the good character they see in you including integrity, courage and how you live well,” he noted.

“I challenge you to read and emulate good qualities of leaders among them Nelson Mandela and even close home Julius Nyerere,” Prof Aduol concluded.